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Gost R Certification

GOST is the valid quality certification system in Russian Federation. (With the other words, it is called GOST-R Certification) GOST is very essential for Russian companies and exporters to the Russia and carries the same meaning of ISO 9000 series certificates for the western companies. GOST-TR is the permitted quality sign for Russia.

Gost R Certificates of conformity are issued by a certification body accredited in GOST R system (Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology). Certification procedure for products and services might be voluntary. Certification system has been created to guard consumer's rights and keep away from import of low quality products. Certification law establishes standards and norms which have to be met to take delivery of GOST-R certificate.

The authorization of Certification is applied to Russian Governmental Standards and other accredited particular Certification Organs and accredited Test Laboratories. For obtaining of these certificates, the production system analysis and the products of connected company should be checked and investigated for the conformity of Russian norms by the authorized auditors. Also you will require to present some official documents, confirming production quality, and models of products. Production will be tested accordingly Russian Federation standards of quality. The Certificate Organs are under strict control of GOSSTANDART that is why all the documents and products are carefully tested. These Organs are located mainly in Moscow; each Organ has its own area, where it can make Certification.

Benefits of Gost R

  • It helps to develop brand image and marketplace value of the organization.
  • It helps to minimize risk, imperfection products and damages.
  • Flexibility of getting one consignment GOST R certificate
  • Demonstrate client approval through deliver the consistent quality as per the client necessity.
  • Money saves and time saving process.
  • It helps to access the Russian marketplace easily
  • New Market opens for more business