UK Akkreditering Forum Limited

Who can be accredited?

UK Akkreditering Forum Limited accreditation activities

UK Akkreditering Forum Limited provides accreditations to conformity assessment bodies (CAB). These bodies consist of laboratories, certification and inspection bodies, providers of proficiency tests and reference material producers.

A CAB may be accredited by UK Akkreditering Forum Limited if it meets the requirements of the corresponding international standards.

Accreditation activities of UK Akkreditering Forum Limited
Laboratories Testing and Calibration Laboratories
ISO/IEC 17025
Medical Laboratories
ISO 15189
Inspection Bodies ISO/IEC 17020
Certification Bodies for Person
ISO/IEC 17024
for Management Systems
ISO/IEC 17021
for Products
ISO/IEC 17065 (or EN 45011)
Validation and Verification Bodies ISO 14065
Providers of Proficiency Tests ISO/IEC 17043
Producers of Reference Materials ISO Guide 34

Accredited once, accepted everywhere

The international harmonisation of these standards warrants that the accreditations are carried out on a global basis according to the same criteria. As a result of these harmonised standards, and thanks to international agreements, the assessment services of bodies accredited in Germany are accepted in many European and non-European countries.

This ability to overcome technical barriers to trade facilitates cross-border trade and warrants the acceptance of conformity assessments results at an international level without requiring further inspections.